Documentary Films

Lenny and the Rat

LENNY AND THE RAT captures a day in the life of union organizer Lenny Anselmo and the 20-foot inflatable rat he places at non-union construction sites around New York City…

Sukkah City

When best-selling author Joshua Foer began to build his first sukkah, a small hut that Jews build and dwell in every fall for the holiday of Sukkot, he wanted to move beyond the generic plywood boxes and canvas tents that have become the unimaginative status quo. Foer thought, what if contemporary architects and designers were challenged to design and construct twelve radical sukkahs? And so was born the design competition and exhibition known as “Sukkah City”…

Orthodox Stance

ORTHODOX STANCE is a portrait of Dmitriy Salita, a Russian immigrant, professional boxer and religious Jew, and the seemingly incompatible cultures and characters—boxing trainers, promoters and orthodox rabbis—working together to support his rare and remarkable devotion to both Orthodox Judaism and the pursuit of a professional boxing title…[More]

Breezewood, Pennsylvania

BREEZEWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA is an intimate portrait of the truck drivers, travelers and homeless of the American road, and the service employees and local ministry who provide them with social, spiritual and material nourishment in one of the smallest, yet busiest, interstate crossroads in America…