Lenny and the Rat

2015 • 8 Mins
2015 • 8 Mins


LENNY AND THE RAT captures a day in the life of union organizer Lenny Anselmo and the 20-foot inflatable rat he places at non-union construction sites around New York City.  As he hauls the rat from one protest to another, Lenny shares his emotional, personal connection to the union.  And as the rallies grow in size and strength, the film reveals the continued importance of unions to protect the health, benefits and wages of laborers on construction sites and beyond.


Director: Jason Hutt
Producer: Jason Hutt, Rachel Kittner
Camera: Jason Hutt
Editor: Jason Hutt
Music: Mark Orton


Run Time – 8 Minutes
HD / 16 x 9 / Color / Stereo